About Us
 1. Director of Institute:
    Sek Yen Kim-Cho, Ph.D.   
 2. Management:
    Frank Kim & Wonsu Huh
 3. Multimedia Designer:
    Kahon Hong, Chungyul Yu
 4. Linguist/Phonetician:
    S. Y. Kim-Cho, Hyejeong Yu, Inbean Im
 5. Graphic Design of Nurigle Script:
    Sek Yen Kim-Cho et al.
 6. Webmaster:
    Mi-Ae Michelle Kim, Donghyuk Lee
 7. Fonts Designer:
    Sandoll Communication, Inc.
 8. Production of Multilingual CD ROM:
    Grace Shin, Steve Shin
 9. Nurigle Cyber Course:
    Sek Yen Kim-Cho, Michelle Kim
 10. Transcription of the Bible:
    Joshua Song, Inbean Im, Nuri Kim et al.


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 Overview of Nurigle Projects
  Contents and References

 1. Profile of Sek Yen Kim-Cho, Ph.D.
      I. English Resume
      II. Korean Resume
 2. Preliminary Remarks
      I. Global Script-Nurigle
      II. Nurigle Website: Contents & Information of Nurigle Projects
      III. Nurigle Literacy Program
      IV. About Us in Nurigle Project 
 3. Sejong Studies Institute
 4. Korean Alphabet of 1446
 5. Foreign Scholars' Views on Hangeul-Nurigle
 6. Global Applicability of Nurigle 
     I. Global Literacy Program
     II. Global Wordprocessing
     III. Speech-to-Text Conversion
 7. Advantage of Nurigle Script
     I. China's Literacy Program
     II. Standardization of the Mandarin Chinese
 8. Why Nuriglization
 9. Nurigle is the Only Solution
 10. UNESCO Symposium on Language in Cyberspace
 11. Justifications and Rationales for Adopting Nurigle Script
 12. Concept Paper on Speech-to-Text Proposal
 13. Summary of the Nurigle Project Proposal
 14. Nurigle Project Proposal
 15. Field Study of Nurigle for Non-Literate and Pre-Literate Population
 16. Nurigle CD ROM with the Script
     Title: Let's Master the Global Script-Nurigle in 50 Minutes!
 *This CD is designed for Nurigle Literacy Workers and Nurigle Learners.
 17. Nurigle Cyber Course
 18. Strategic Conference Fulfilling the Nurigle Literacy Programs
 19. Fulfillment of Bill Gates's Vision "Computer in Every Home"
 20. Difference between Prof. Hyun Bok Lee & Sek Yen Kim-Cho on IPA—IPA
 21. 훈민정음과 더불어 40년
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